Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Day In The Life.

Every now & then, I like to do an 'A Day In The Life' post where I document what our day has been like. I love to go back to the beginning of this blog & read posts from when we were planning our wedding, from our newlywed days when we'd spend the weekends working in our flower beds, walking thru chemo days with Daddy, Prater's pregnancy... It's a little glimpse of our life's seasons & I know I'll appreciate documenting some of these days & next year (& beyond) it'll be neat to look back on the season when we were trying to find our stride as a family of FIVE!

Prater is usually a really good sleeper but last night she woke up screaming twice - I think she was having nightmares. (What do little kids have nightmares about? It makes me so sad!) So I didn't sleep too great since I got up twice to go in to her room, comfort her, & restart her Praise Baby CD that we use as a little white noise (our next home will have bomb-sound proof walls).

The littlest ladies & I got up around our usual time of 9:00... I know. I don't have many vices but dang it, if we sleep until 9:00 every day until they all go to school - so be it! It makes us all happy! Since Prater didn't sleep well, she was still asleep so I moved these chicks in to my bathroom floor so they could practice their rolling (Hatley can do it all, Giles is still just rolling from belly to back) while I showered. I am so thankful that they are finally able to wear Prater's cloth diapers! I was so tired of buying so many diapers!

After my shower, we opened all of the blinds throughout the house & made the bed - those are some of my favorite chores, they just make everything seem so tidy & bright & airy & jump start my day.

A friend & her son were visiting us for lunch & a play date today so while my breakfast baked & the Twinkies jumped in their bouncers, I went ahead & prepared the foods for lunch that I had prepped during nap time yesterday. The more I can do ahead of time, during naps, while PE is asleep, the better! A 2 year old assistant isn't the most efficient & while I do let her help me a good bit, sometimes you just need to do things without a narrator or 'helper'.

I also checked on the chickens & bunny to make sure Aaron remembered to feed & water them. They are currently residing in our garage while this weather is crazy cold! I just cannot wait to sweep all of that hay out when they move back outside... Said no one ever.

Then it was time for these gals' breakfast - oatmeal mixed with avocado. As you can see, Hatley's isn't a fan of waiting her turn. This is typical Hatley - smiling or screaming.

And then this gal was up & at 'em... At 10:45.

Our friends showed up for lunch around 11, I didn't get any pictures because we were too busy catching up, eating, & refereeing our toddlers fighting over toys! The little gals slept thru most of their visit for their morning nap. When they left, Prater was MORE THAN READY for her nap & I had just enough time to take these four crazies out for some 'business' & fun before the littles were up for their lunch.

They had homemade sweet potato & spinach purée for lunch. I really do enjoy making their food, I always enjoyed doing it for Prater. Hatley is a savage when it comes to eating - homegirl LOVES food! They've both done so well starting some first foods! (Yes, they're both wearing 'Prater' bibs... Second & third kid probs.)

After I filled them up, we washed some dishes & talked some trash - they're actually both watching the crazy dogs wrestle. If those dogs aren't good for anything else, they're good for being kid entertainment.

I hadn't planned on giving them baths, but it was needed after lunch & since Prater was still asleep, we went ahead & had us some tub fun! Is there anything sweeter than clean babies? Nope!

After some more rolling around, these gals were ready for their afternoon nap. We use Prater's iPhone (her Aunt got a new one & gave Prater her old one... It has games & music on it & she can't mess it up!) to play music for them during their nap.

And so begins the mad dash to get some things accomplished while they're all napping! I usually use this time to do chores like cleaning or laundry or dishes but all of those things were caught up so I did stuff like run to the mailbox, eat a snack, look thru a magazine, update my planner, check email, cuddle with the doggies, & upload the twins' 3 month pictures to Facebook.

I love fun mail! Today, I got another Christmas card - I seriously don't know when I will take all of ours down, they make me too happy - & these ornaments that I ordered for all the girls with pictures of them & my Great Aunt Jenny - Prater has one for every year for her Christmas tree & I want to start the tradition for the littles too.

When PE woke up, we did some fun 'crafts' & 'cleaned' a bit... Then the babes woke up & it was time to start supper for everyone - thankfully I had leftovers from lunch so it was as easy as popping it in the microwave! PE's new favorite 'treat' is carrots & peanut butter, thanks to her Aunt Squeak!

Aaron usually gets home at 5:00 but tonight he had band practice at church so we watched Veggie Tales (check out the vultures, best floor cleaners) while we ate supper, just us gals!

(There's a good bit of nursing babies - still going well - & changing diapers & taking dogs outside intermittently throughout the day... There won't be pictures of any of those activities. You're welcome.)

This went on while I cleaned up the kitchen & dishes from supper - she's taking their picture while they're practicing rolling over.

I tried to keep them all up so that Aaron could see them when he got home but the babies just weren't having it - they were asleep by 8:00 & then PE & I played in her room until Aaron got home...

He had to return something for me at TJMaxx & brought these new foot lotions home as a treat. After he ate supper & we put PE to bed - tonight's prayer was "Dear Jesus, thank you for Giles, Hat Hat, Mama, Dada, Mommy, Daddy, Pay Pear. Amen." - we watched some DVR'd shows while he rubbed my feet & I ordered some fun leggings from Target with a gift card.

And now everyone is asleep except for me. I went ahead & got things together for the morning rush, as I like to call it. And I plan to answer a few emails & then GO TO SLEEP so that I can hopefully get a good nights sleep. I have plans for us to check out a local church gym that opens for the community to use their walking track tomorrow - we haven't been out of the house in days & I'd like to try to jog a little. I've also got to menu plan & make our grocery list for 2 weeks & that always requires a 'fresh' mind!

While things like the Target order & having a friend over for lunch isn't a daily deal, this is a pretty accurate description of our day-to-day routine right now. And while I am exhausted when my head hits the pillow, I truly wouldn't have it any other way. I am beyond thankful that I get to live this life with these people. I know that there are women who would love to stay home but can't, I know what it's like to dread going to work a job that you hate every day, I've been in the trenches of being stretched too thin & just existing... Miserably.

I am so thankful for this life that God has blessed me with over the past 3 years since accepting my life's calling, in this season, as a homemaker. And I am grateful in the confidence in knowing that I not only enjoy what I do every day, but I am good at it. And that is NOT me tooting some horn. This is me & God finding MY sweet spot in this world. This is me knowing how blessed I am because my every day wasn't always filled with joy & happiness & thankfulness.

Not every day is perfect, some days are rough & trying. Of course there are days that I question what I am doing. All of those things are apart of life. But more times that not, they are satisfying & fulfilling & accomplished - for myself & the 4 people I 'work' for.

And because this topic always makes me think of this quote:

Samantha Jones: "... I mean, how often are you happy?"
Charlotte York: "Every day."
Samantha Jones: "Every day?"
Charlotte York: "Well, not all day every day but yes, every day."

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