Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sundrop High Brain Dump.

Aaron & Prater brought a 'treat' home for me when they went to check on the horses earlier, a Sundrop that I didn't have time to drink until everyone went to bed & now I'm wide awake... Thus, a brain dump:

• I feel bad for not updating my blog more often but honestly, it's a mixture of not having the time & just not having much to say most days. We have a pretty strict routine with the occasional play or lunch date so I feel like there just isn't much to say. I love blogging & recording our memories & while I hope to pick up the pace, it's just not something I can commit to right now either. If that makes sense, at all? Whatever.

• This week has been a bit of a rough one - with Prater needing a cast because of an accident at a play date, the twins becoming a little sickly & getting their six month vaccinations, overspending on my grocery budget by A LOT, our Tennessee land taxes being due, & I am pretty sure that our dryer is trying to die... It's just a part of life & I am so beyond thankful that Prater's accident wasn't worse, that the twins are healthy overall, that we have groceries & money to buy them, that we have been blessed with our perfect piece of property, & that we have a savings account for emergencies like having to possibly buy a new dryer... but man, it makes me feel blah. Which then makes me mad because I don't want for my circumstances - all of which I can't control, except for the groceries maybe - to dictate my mood. I'm trying to remind myself of all of my blessings while also trying to give my worries to Him but the control freak in me is white knuckling this mess.

• I cannot wait to see how much we're getting back on our taxes - we never do anything with our return but I always love that boost to our savings account.

• I hate to 'wish my life away' but I will be so happy when this sick season passes - we've stayed fairly quarantined since Thanksgiving but I think I might've gotten a little loosey goosey lately (due to cabin fever) & now all three girls have snotty noses. For the love of all that is good, I hope their immune systems kick in & kick this junk to the curb. I sprayed every inch of this house with Lysol before bed tonight & sent all the girls to bed with a little medicine - hopefully they will all sleep well & wake up better tomorrow. I hate to be ugly, but I'm seriously going to have to start asking everyone to wash their hands & if they've been sick at all or around anyone sick before touching any of the girls. It's awful but I'm terrified of the little girls having to be hospitalized. Terrified.

• So far, I really feel like I am staying committed to my desire of letting go & creating calm for 2014. I've actually been pretty cut throat about it which isn't really how I roll - especially when it comes to people pleasing. That's the hardest part for me. It's a constant battle of feeling like I'm hurting someone's feelings when I don't immediately reply to a text or email or answer every call or say 'yes' to every request. But the important part is that I'm doing it, I am doing those things - not feeling obligated to anyone or anything other than my family of 5 which is exactly what I feel called to for this season of my life. That aspect has been SO rewarding - being present with them, putting them & their needs & wants first, seeing our routine & time together thrive - there's no question, for me, that I'm doing exactly what I need to do. Now if I can just stop overanalyzing how my doing this may make others feel... People pleasing is no joke. Generational curse, I tell you. I just always want for everyone around me to feel like they're important to me, because they are, but I have to be committed first to the 5 people who are the most important to me (that includes myself because if I'm not good, I'm no good to my family) & right now, that alone takes up about 18 hours of my day... & I'm sleeping the other 6 hours.

• I've been trying a ton of new, healthier recipes lately - Deceptively Delicious, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Clean Eating. We've been really pleased with almost all of them. I feel so much better, have much more energy, & feel better about what I'm feeding my family but HOLY COW - as I said before, the cost has been cray-cray. It makes me sad that, for the most part, to feed your family healthy choices costs SIGNIFICANTLY more than not.

• This stripe waffle cowl neck tee from Gap is probably my most favorite thing ever. I only paid $9 for mine. Boom.

• I think these little Kate Spade studs are precious. I really like Valentine's Day. We don't do anything spectacular - usually we leave each other little notes (which we do so throughout the year as well) & have a special dinner & dessert at home, which is just perfect for me. But I like that it's sweet & pink & girly & happy & not stressful like most holidays are. This year we are staying home, making a homemade pizza & I'm baking Aaron & Prater a surprise treat. I'm already looking forward to it. I also made the girls the cutest (& easiest/cheapest) Valentines to pass out to their friends at our MOMS group.

• I really wish it would snow. Like enough to keep Aaron home for a few days & so that Prater could build a snowman. Bless her heart, she's been asking to build one since we took her to see 'Frozen' at the movie theater & I just know a big snow would be MAGICAL for her.

• I've been decluttering again. It's a never ending thing for me - I love it! Organizing & getting rid of things that we don't use. There's actually cabinets in my kitchen with nothing in them - so freeing! I absolutely cannot wait until spring to do the same in my flower beds & on my porches. I love working in the yard in the afternoons, when it doesn't get dark until 9:00 - pulling weeds, planting flowers, sweeping sidewalks - it makes me happy.

I'm sure I could go on & on & on but I probably should attempt to calm my sugar high & get some rest in case Hatley wakes up in a few hours not being able to breathe like she did last night... I never thought I would say these words but I believe I'm adjusting to being able to function on less sleep. I'm sure that level of function is debatable, especially if you've tried to carry on an adult conversation with me lately but nevertheless... I'm functional. And really, that's all I can ask for with 3 under 3!

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Lora Ashley said...

You look great friend!! I'm so happy for you.

Come to Indiana! We've had snow once a week since November! Prater would love it :)